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Business Training Provider and Education Consultant

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integrated English language training Services

integrated Training programs 


Let us unlock your team's superpowers!


The Communication Factory offers training and consultancy services for businesses, education institutions, and individuals.


We provide unique Hybrid Training Programs, workshops and seminars which are custom designed and which integrate Business and Communication Skills with English Language Development.

Business Training


the communication factory provides full length programs, workshops, and seminars on a wide range of business topics which include full integration of English language development.

Education Services


we also provide programs, workshops and seminars suitable for both teachers and students at schools and universities. you can also invite a Communication Factory Guest teacher to your classroom for an interactive session.

consultancy services


The communciation factory offers a wide range of consulatation services including training of trainers, program development, editing, proofreading, translation and ghost writing.

CUstom Designed programs


one size doesn't fit all


no more generic 'off the shelf' text books. each company, school, and individual has their own unique learning needs and learning culture. for this reason The communication Factory offers custom designed interactive training and learning modules which incorporate your company or school culture, standards, and learning styles.